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Hong Kong is renowned for its luxury internet shopping. Our E-commerce competence spans B2B and D2C firms, as well as retail clients, thanks to the combination of our expertise in web design and enthusiasm in online shopping.

CIMP Tech has spent more than five years gaining in-depth knowledge of e-commerce. We take a consultative approach to digital strategy and e-commerce, immersing ourselves in the companies of our customers. As an e-commerce agency, we have no preference when it comes to e-commerce platforms, but we are always delighted to provide guidance.

E-Commerce Service

Optimized for Growth

Insightful analytic tools to grow your business.

Social Media Integrations

Increase your business exposure by social media integrations.

Customize Design

Make difference between you and competitors by unique web design.

Maintenance & Support

Our technical assistance will assist you in resolving website errors.

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Hong Kong eCommerce Opportunities

8 billions USD+

Revenue from eCommerce

The economy of Hong Kong is receiving enormous money from e-commerce, and keep increasing in the future.

US$ 1,568

Average Revenue per User

The average revenue per customer has been rising, and it is anticipated that this trend would continue in the future.

40 %

Customers Shop Online

According to PwC, consumers in Hong Kong spend the second most money in the Asia-Pacific region.

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